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How to become an Internet hero and save the day

So you need help from Anonymous to save your ass? I know right! Who doesn’t?

The word is in a sorry state, human right abuse, government control, corporate corruption, nature destruction, animal abuse, surveillance, you name it! There’s one for everybody.

The bottom line is that we are not your personal army. But we know how you can mess those fuckers and we’ll be glad to see you do give them pain.

You can become an Internet hero and save the day! It’s not that hard, but you’ll have to work for it. If you think somebody else will do it for you, think again. We’ve seen our shares of online revolution and the formula is pretty easy. You just need to become the spark that light the fire!

It’s a lonely road to absolution we must walk alone. – Billy Talent

Pick your cause

Whatever the reason you wanna go in revolution mode, it need to be clear and simple. Write it down and make sure anybody can understand what you want.

Setup your Internet security

You’ll need to prepare your computer according to the dangers you will be facing.

This guide will explain how to become anonymous online, but you might not need to go all the way. If your life will not be in danger, it’s probably better that you fight in the open and become an avatar for your activist army. But if you think your life could be in danger, then make sure to use a secure setup.

Read everything carefully and make sure you understand what you do. If you need advice or want to make sure you are doing things correctly contact us and we’ll be glad to sort the details out.

In most case, using the Tor Browser Bundle, uBlock, DuckDuckGo and StartPage should be enough.

You also need to read those documents about secure browsing and Skype.

Document everything

The key to success is getting information. You need to document everything that is happening. Gather all articles you can find on the net and save all the links on your computer hard drive and back it up online, or offline at a friend’s place.

Check out KeePassX to store logins, passwords, links, emails and contact info. Make sure you use a pass phrase, not a password.

Oh and by the way, if you are using Microsoft Office, uninstall it right now. Use Libre Office instead.

Save photos and videos you can use.

Regarding photos

Mobile phones will save GPS location and other information in pictures. Most camera will save some data as well. Make sure you understand how it work. You might need to remove the data from photos or else this could compromise you.

How to Remove Personal Information from your Digital Photos

The art of searching

Google News and Twitter are very good sources if information. Make sure you use them to see what’s going on.

When reading articles make sure it as sources. Check the bottom for sources and read them also. I’ve seen articles getting reused over 12 times, each one, changing some info. It can distort the original article quite a lot.

Start a blog

You’ll need to make all the information public. Once your story goes wild you want everything to be ready.

You need a blog. There’s a bazillion places for that. Just get a free blog somewhere and you should be fine. WordPress is easy to use.

Here’s a few tips

Save your articles offline
Your blog can get hacked, censored or whatever. Save what you write offline! Or you will regret it for sure.

Brand your operation
Choose a unique name that’s easy to remember. People will Google this. Idle no more, Reset the Net and Occupy Wall Street are great examples. If you wanna save local cats from abuse choose something like “Save local kitties!”.

Use your name everywhere!

Have people proof read what you write
If you make mistakes you’ll look like a retard, and people will discredit you.

Link to relevant document, photos and videos
That’s how you’ll make your opinion matters and also prove what’s wrong.

Open appropriate social media account
Each social network have it’s pros and cons. They might be useful or not. Make sure you think about which one would benefit you, if they do.

Once you get the hang of it

Doing all this will take you quite some time but you’ll learn a lot along the way. Once you start feeling confident the time has come to act.

Talk to friends
Show your work to plenty of friends. They will criticize and judge you. Stay humble and become your own judge. Some will be right, some will be wrong, some will help you, some will hinder your effort. You’ll learn who are you true friends and how are not.

Start sharing your info
Start sharing all the documentation and events you’ve gathered. Most importantly to journalists. Try sharing to small local indy blogs and newspapers. Don’t got for the big fish first. It won’t work.

Contact appropriate activist network. Anonymous is good for Internet related matters but if you’re trying to save the amazonian forest, you should try Green Peace. There’s one for every problem out there.

Good luck!