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The story behind GhostSecGroup and GhostSec

Once upon a time there were a bunch of people with varying skills that wanted to destroy the online presence of ISIS. Those people came together in a group called GhostSec (Ghost Security) in

Anonymous Greece Press Release

We are Anonymous. Our ships sail in support of the people of Greece who voted “No” to the EU and IMF’s hold on their financial affairs. The illusion machines, these devices of fraud society so desperately

Dear “brother” Sabu

Read. This. Now. RT @APT1337: A letter to dear brother leader Sabu: #Anonymous #LulzSec #Antisec #Brothers? — Free Jeremy Hammond (@FreeJeremyNet) December 21, 2014 Greetings from the real world. You know, where cause and consequence

Anonymous Blair Snitch Project

In December, we caught Chicago Police illegally snooping on Black Lives Matter organizers with a Stingray. Now, we turn our attention to Toronto where we once again have recorded proof that Toronto Police spy

Suicide Girls Radio : Gabriella Coleman book on Anonymous

Fuck You

In this awesome @SG_Radio show with @BiellaColeman @NicolePowers and @MoxiSuicide we learn about : How the FBI want to stop Anonymous How to stop Anonymous Blow Jobs Some of @MoxiSuicide fucking habits How to run law enforcement out of

History lesson : Anonymous hack WBC while live on radio

If you’ve missed this scene from the Anonymous #LulzSec crew then you are in for a hell of a ride. This is an epic scene of trolling and hacking. “A source from Anonymous confronts Shirley

I need help for …

About asking Anonymous for help Anonymous is a collective of different individuals, some don’t give a rat about your problems and some might want to help but … WE ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY. We are busy.

#31c3 : A new Dawn – Our favorite videos

All vids can be streamed/downloaded at Reconstructing narratives – Transparency in the service of justice Why watch? Cause it’s insanely awesome talk by TOR dev Jacob Applebaum and Intercept Jouranlist Laura Poitras (work with Snowden). Related links WhisperSystems Encrypted

Documents: Cooperation between the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) and Al-Qaeda

Note: This post was created as a result of the ongoing censorship in Turkey. As by now, the twitter account leaking these documents @LazepeM is blocked in Turkey, Google pulled down the documents and

Acil Erişim Merkezi

Bu sayfa Anonymous, Telecomix ve çeşitli aktivist gruplar tarafından bilgi toplanma ve yayma merkezi olarak kullanılıyor. Okuyun, uygulayın, yayın ve bilgiye kolayca ulaşın. Link sorunlar, öneriler ve başka konularda irtibata geçmek için: Twitter: @AnonInsiders ========================================================= // İçindekiler: -1.1 Mobil