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#OpCyberPrivacy – DDosAftermath

We are Anonymous and this is Operation Cyber Privacy. Over the last few weeks, we have launched and executed a series of cyber protests targeting both Canadian and American Servers with a Distributed Denial of

Million Person March Called For Independence Day

In this past week the USA has witnessed some truly epic moments in the history of civil rights in this country. Some were joyous, some were tragic – and some were heroic. From President

Anonymous Press Release: Operation Shut Down Westboro Baptist Church

The so called Westboro Baptist Church is not actually a church at all. Rather, it is a small but well funded and highly organized hate group. It’s core leadership and membership consists of a

Operation Monsanto 2.0 Engaged

#Operation Objectives: Educate Expose Monsanto is much more than GMOs, they always were, leaving toxic waste grounds in their wake for decades that they have refused to clean. Operation mission is to raise the profile of the crimes

Anonymous #OpMassEffect Engaged

Greetings Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. It is important to understand first, that we are beginning a time of transition in our world. Those around us previously asleep to the injustices being committed

Anonymous – Operation Baltimore #OpBaltimore

Greetings citizens of the world, We are Anonymous, The global collective of Anonymous is outraged at the vicious murder of Freddie Gray. Not a week goes by that some young person, usually within a minority

OpBeast : Removing bestiality sites from the web

Greetings Citizens of the World !! We are #OpBeast !! For almost a year we have been fighting against one of the most vile and inhuman practices in the world. The ability to have sexual intercourse

Anonymous #OpChina Press Release video

Attention fellow Anons. #OpChina is in effect. May 30th. The people of China have been denied access to the internet, effectively silencing them. This leaves them unable to speak out about any injustice or corruption in their

How #OpIceISIS supporters can change history forever

What is #OpDeathEaters and how to help

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