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Anonymous #OpQuebec – Press Release/Communiqué de Presse (French & English)

Anonyme Opération Québec – Communiqué de Presse (French & English) Wednesday – May 23, 2012 3:00 PM ET Canada Time Citoyens du monde libre, Les gouvernements du monde continuent à nous réprimer. Anonymous s’adresse plus particulièrement au gouvernement

#opKashmir Official PressRelease

Original Pastebin Release Greeting’s citizens of the World. We’d like to give you tonights entertainment. It has come to the attention of the collective that the Indian Military has been committing multiple human rights abuses in

#opIndependence II @ VoxAnon

Greeting Anons, It has come to our attention that the governments and authorities aiming to seize the internet, and to censor our voices, are willing to go to great lengths to achieve absolute control. Anonymous alongside

OpKashmir #FreeKashmir

Kashmir a beautiful valley amidst the Great Himalayas. Kashmir also known as the Paradise on the Earth with a Great History. Kashmir’s killing fields dwarf that of Palestine and any other bloodied place. Kashmir is

Anonymous Asks… Will You Join Us? #opFeedTheHomeless

@ #PublicRelations #opFeedTheHomeLess Fellow Anon and Citizens of the world, Anonymous is here to help the people in yet another operation designed to help those that are in need of HELP, to assist those who have

#opIndependence @ VoxAnon

Join us, lend us a helping hand – Greetings citizens of the world, Anonymous is declaring independence. A Cyberspace Independence. On Friday the 9th on February 1996, John Perry Barlow came up with what we now know


Anonymous Feeds the Homeless #opFeedTheHomeless starts now. #PublicRelations , #VoxAnon , #opFeedTheHomeless Hello Citizens of the World, We are all aware that we live in an often-twisted society where even humanitarian efforts to feed starving people are corrupt

Communique From Anonymous – USA Day Of Vengence

Communique From Anonymous  –  USA Day Of Vengence Wednesday – September 21, 2011 On September 17, 2011 approximately 15,000 peaceful demonstrators in dozens of cities around the USA gathered, marched – and occupied public space to