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How to help Anonymous

This document is part of our how to help, contact or join Anonymous series. Be sure to check them out.

It’s is surprisingly easy to help Anonymous. And there’s a lot of simple things that you can do. Everyone contributing become a small part of the Anonymous collective.

One important contribution is helping us reaching a wider audience and leveraging the power of the internet to mobilize people.

Follow us on Twitter

Twitter is how we spread the world and reach out to people. So if you read and share, it’s gonna help us a lot.

Here’s some notorious Anonymous twitter accounts, pick one :

Write to jailed Anons

This is very important! It’s also something Anons and activists cannot do them selves. You can help without any computer knowledge. It’s very easy!

Read this simple guide on how to mail arrested Anons and activists.

Wear a Guy Fawkes Mask

This is our symbol and with it, not only we make our mark on the internet but on the streets. Wearing the mask during protests and other public event is the best way to show the world we are everywhere and always watching. It’s an honor to see the physical manifestation of our efforts and our reward to see we have supporters worldwide.

You can buy one at MyAnonStore.

Criticize what we do

Most people in Anonymous are there to help make the world a better place. We do this for you therefore your feedback is very important. Leave comments on blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and so on.

We’ve stopped operations because the people disagreed or simply didn’t want us to get involved. We respect that.

Become an activist

Over 9,000 activist movement exist all around the world. There’s one for everybody. Go help one of them and change this world for the better! Here’s a small list of some movement we like and support.

Donate to the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the ultimate legal badass online rights defender. Their team does an amazing job and they really changes thing around.

It’s 100% safe and legal to donate to the EFF.

Wanna know more?

If you have any other questions contact SageHack on Twitter.