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LocalLeaks Re-Loaded And Re-Launched

Wednesday – October 29, 2014 9:45 PM ET USA

For the past year LocalLeaks has been dormant, the web-based disclosure platform taken down from the Internet. We will discuss the reasons for this in a moment, but we would like to announce that this hiatus is now over and the premier disclosure platform LocalLeaks has been re-loaded and re-launched at the Top Level Domain and we are now accepting, processing, analyzing and publishing leaks on local government, businesses and police once again.

The ostensible reason for re-launching LocalLeaks was a specific request from operatives in Anonymous Operation Ferguson (
– Twitter: @OpFerguson ). It seems they have been receiving an ever growing volume of leaks from the St. Louis area regarding the situation there in Missouri, and felt that we would be better equipped given our work dealing with the massive leaks in Steubenville, Ohio during Anonymous Op RollRedRoll – to deal with these new disclosures about Ferguson. Indeed the now famous “Steubenville Files” that were so instrumental in bringing justice and reform to that city are still viewable on our website.

The operatives in Anonymous Operation Ferguson have already transferred to us all material that has been leaked to them to date, including the recently published leaks regarding the Grand Jury decision and Darren Wilson, published here ->

Also forwarded to us by Anonymous Operation Ferguson is a sizable body of material that has not been analyzed or published yet. In the coming days we will process this material and set up a section on the platform called the “Ferguson Files” where we will continue to add new material as it is leaked and analyzed by our volunteer staff. All future Ferguson related leaks will be handled by us, and we encourage anyone in Missouri with pertinent information or sensitive/secret data or documents to leak them to us.

LocalLeaks is an incredible and historic disclosure project. Even our sister organization WikiLeaks has commented often on our work. However, much like WikiLeaks – it is an expensive platform to maintain long-term. That is the reason we had to shut down for the past year, a lack of funding. So if you support the broad ideals, purpose and work of LocalLeaks – please consider a generous donation. There are several ways to donate already on the website and we will be adding more options as we move forward. Anyone of means wishing to become a serious benefactor should contact us and we will put you in touch with our legal team to make the arrangements.

We are delighted to be back, and we can not wait to begin serving not only the great people of Ferguson, Missouri – but the entire world, by providing a place where people can leak important information on their local governments, businesses and police.

SINCERELY — LocalLeaks Staff


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