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#RageForSandra – Operation updates

To the citizens of the United States,
We Are Anonymous.

Our blood runs with rage for the murder of Sandra Bland and the subsequent coverup by Waller County Police and the Sheriff’s department. As a collective body, we are distraught and angered by the careless response of politicians and the pedaling of illegitimate and doctored evidence by the media.

In short, Sandra Bland was murdered and we are all furious.

It is time we take our anger to the streets. On August 8th, we rage against the corrupted system that killed Sandra Bland and continues to commit injustice across this country. We demand that Brian Encinia be arrested without delay and that each police chief in each protesting city re-attest their pledge to the crowd, to protect and serve their citizens. We also demand that all evidence and footage pertaining to Sandra Bland be handed over to the public. Dates, times, and appropriate locations have been posted in the description below. We will continue to protest every night until these demands are met.

To the Waller County Sherrif’s department, this is a message directed to you.

If you do not comply with our demands, we will answer with our wrath.

All your secrets will be leaked.

We all know where you live.

No mercy for murderers.
We are Anonymous.

On August 8th, expect us.

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